sabato 30 marzo 2013

Wish list for Spring and Summer

  photo wishlist2-1.jpg

I was so lucky during the Christmas time that I received the 90% of the items of my previous wish list so I thought it’s the time to make a new one! Strangely I don’t’ want something really expensive this time and also I don’t feel the need to buy tons of new clothes because I know I bought a bit too much  during winter *looking at the closet near to explode*. I tried to include mostly items I really need and something I wanted for so long:

CandyStripper shoes, ok I don’t need a new pair of shoes but I was sick of my white creepers (I sold them) because they were too big for me I wanted a new pair for a little change! I’m still undecided between pink and white, but they are also super cute in black!

Lush products,  I tried a hair cream and a ball for bath and I totally fell in love with this brand and I would like to try a lot of products, especially for body and hair! It’s also a good gift idea eheh. The most needed thing for me is to buy again “Belli Capelli” because it helped a lot my hair to stay in good condition after bleaching.

Sigma travel set (or the big set) , ok I don’t really need a new complete brushes set because I’m really satisfied with my current one, but because I wear a lot of different colors I need to have many different brushes  (and I don’t have the time to wash them every day and I also could damage them this way) and the Sigma set was always my most wanted one!

Another item I really desire but I don't really need ahahah it’s the new transparent backpack by Glad News, the past summer I fell in love with transparent bags, everyone said to me how they’re ugly and nobody except few brand will sell them….now it’s a trend in Japan yay! This is my favorite bag, but now I can’t afford it, I’m sure it will be sold out really fast T_T.

Summer Dresses, I used this Glad News picture because I LOVE that dress but it’s out of stock ç_ç there are a lot of other old models from GN I really like so I hope to get two or three summer dresses from this brand! There are also some models from Ghost of Harlem I like, I will decide when I have some money ahahah XD I have only two summer dresses in this moment because every year I ruin many things washing them….

Summer Sandals, they are the most important thing I need to buy for the next season, my black pair are almost dead so I absolutely need a new pair with low heels ( with spikes of course), if I could also find a comfortable high heels pair it will be perfect! The brand is not important (the pictures are only examples), I only want something comfortable and good looking ahah!

Do you have some really wanted items? You prefer to buy something you really need or something you really desire?

martedì 26 marzo 2013

Ootd 23/03/2013

I spent my Saturday with my friends as usual doing our normal activities, sometimes I feel like a super boring person because I haven’t something really new to share about my friends meeting ahah! The only different thing was that we went around the city searching for a eye shadows palette we didn’t find XD! Spam picture of my outfit, I’m so HAPPY finally spring is coming, I can wear again jackets (I love them) and short dresses without 1000 layers under them, yay!

 photo IMG_0942.jpg

 photo IMG_0945.jpg

 photo IMG_0950.jpg

Horns Super Lovers – Choker Ghost of Harlem – Necklace Glavil – Dress Fernopaa – Jacket Terranova – Leggings Taobao – Boots Jeffrey Campbell

It was so nice to wear my Fernopaa dress after a long time, it’s really light and tight so I cannot wear it during winter, it’s really detailed and cute, I always hope Fernopaa will open a sort of webshop in the future! My wig became frizzy and thick, I was really sad because is one of my favorites but after a super wash with conditioner and one hour to disentangle every single lock I putted it under the sun and after a day it became super soft and straight, I was so happy! *v*.

 photo nya.jpg

Make up and nail art of the day! I love this new Kiko nail stickers, you can have gorgeous nails in few minutes with them eheh!

Some group pictures with my always cool friends:

 photo 312697_10200963435954705_784045088_n.jpg

 photo 536527_10200963436114709_1810806406_n.jpg

How do you spend your time with friends? Do you always do the same activities?

venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Random days

I shared a lot of event posts in the past days, but I totally forgot to mention what I did in my free time XD oh well…I totally relaxed ahahah when I don’t need to study or organize events I really love to spend my time at home with my boyfriends and my cats, cooking, watching anime and tv cooking programs (like Master chef or Hell’s kitchen) or fashion programs like American next top model. I also had time to finally finish the last Pokemon game (White II) and experiment a lot of new recipes!
The women’s day I received by my boyfriend the usual mimosa, I don’t know if in the other countries there is the same tradition, and it was also so sweet to remember the White Day and he made for me a cake with coconut and cream, it was so yummy!

 photo 1-21.jpg

I also went out with my friends Sarah and her boyfriend Arsenio after loooooong time, we went to a lovely tea room, we ordered a lot of sweets and the tea was so damn delicious! There were Japanese, Chinese, Indian teas and many more, it was the first time I saw so many qualities of teas! I took a tea called “Moon spring” and it was so yummy ( I took also a big strudel’s piece).

 photo 5-3.jpg

Our table totally invaded!

 photo 2-20.jpg

I always forget to make an outfit picture of all this little meetings, but I wore a lot my glavil red parka with my super lovers new sweater so I made a lot of different outfits with these two items, yesterday I decided to make a picture of it to show you, and also I took the occasion to show you my current hair color, finally after one year of bleaching I’m blonde! Now I only need some good extensions, I had to cut around 20 cm of my hair because the old black didn't want to go away.

 photo tumblr_mk0thnOGuk1qbz7ouo1_500.jpg

Hat M2 – Parka Glavil – Sweater Super Lovers – Tights Ebay – Shoes Sango

I also wore the shorts under the sweater, but you can’t see them XD I think people thought I forgot my pants ahahah! I also went out with my friend Giada ( I will see her again in few days *v*), we took a hot tea because the weather was still cold, but finally the spring is coming! We made a picture with our bags, yay sort of twin bag from the same collection, same color but different model XD

 photo 3-10.jpg

I made the second picture the past Saturday and you already saw the outfit, but I really like all the roses over the Grazia’s mirror so I wanted to share this also here!

 photo 4-7.jpg

I also went out for dinner with my dad after a long time, and it was so damn delicious, this restaurant is absolutely one of my favorites!

I know I made a little and fast summary of my weeks, I hope I didn’t annoy you XD! I wanted to take the chance to say a big bad new (if you didn’t know it already), but on July the google reader will disappear T_T I’m really sad about it because I will lost all blogs I follow, but you can save all of them with bloglovin ( I red there is a function to export all of your blogs), I always hope the Google team will change their mind, but for safety if you don’t want to lose my future posts follow me also on bloglovin, I added the button in my side bar! Thank you very much as usual for your support!

lunedì 18 marzo 2013

New project: video tutorial!

Saturday I went to Grazia’s house for lunch, I ate a lot of delicious pasta with broccoli and bacon and then a chocolate and coconut muffin, I felt so damn full after lunch that I could roll for all the house XD. The real purpose of this day at home was the realization of a new project of our Harajuku Fashion walk Pescara Facebook page (check it!), we decided that beside notes about style (unluckily in Italian) we would start making videos and collages tutorial (also in English) to help all people who asked us how we arrange our looks for daily life and events. We started with a simple hair tutorial with Prisila hair pieces, Grazia made three different styles with the same pieces (two pony tails and a fake fringe), she made a beautiful job *v* I was so happy after I saw the final results!

 photo final1.jpg

The first look was perfect for a lolita outfit with a bonnet, I wore her Meta coordinate! This style is really popular, especially for sweet lolita, but sometimes I also saw it for gothic! I’m really good makeing stupid silly poses XD.

 photo Final2.jpg

The second look was inspired by a tutorial on Kera, Grazia rolled the pony tails and they became like two big dangos with a little and cute curl. I think this look suits really well sweet lolita but also other cute styles like fairy kei!

 photo Final3.jpg

The third look is more elegant, she moved the pony tails to create a sort of half wig, the result is amazing with the headdress made by Graveyard Rose. This style suits really well gothic and classic lolita in my opinion, but also hime gyaru if you use light colors and accessories!

 photo cats-28.jpg

A little collage with some scenes during the making of the video

Tadaaaaaaan, the video! I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you like it and if you have some concrits! We wanted to improve and make a lot of different tutorial projects! And also a big thank you to Grazia’s husband who helped us recording and editing the video!

 photo IMG_0876.jpg

 photo IMG_0882.jpg
With coat

Coat, Dress, Tights Glad News – Hat H&M – Boots Jeffrey Campbell – Choker Ghost of Harlem

This is my real outfit of the day, I wore a totally Glad News coordinate and I didn’t notice it until my boyfriend said it to me XD sometimes I’m over the clouds…

It was a set I bought in Japan for a super cheap price, I’m really happy and it fits so well, it’s absolutely one of my favorite gyaru dresses! Then Chiara reached us and we made some pictures and also watched the video with all the hilarious errors XD

 photo Final4.jpg

 photo IMG_0887.jpg

 photo IMG_0890.jpg
Silly picture XD

We ended the day going out for dinner in our favorite venezuelan restaurant *v* we took a lot of local “arrosticini” (a sort of skewer made with sheep meat). It was a perfect day with my dear friend, I would love to spent all my days like this! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

 photo IMG_1322.jpg