venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Pastel grunge

I'm sorry for my little absence from my blog, after my last exam I spent some time with my family and of course I did tons of things for my thesis so I hadn't the time and the energy to blog or go out, but finally seems the spring is here in Italy so I'll try to share more outfits! The past saturday I went out with my friends for a little karaoke event at the usual comic shop, we were few people but it was really funny. I wore another white outfit this time coordinated with my mermaid prism from Lockshop, I decided to straight it 'cause I didn't like how it looked with curls on me, now it's way better also if I don't think it suits me XD.

Hat Boy London - Cardigan h&m - T-shirt Glavil - Tights Ebay - Shoes Cute to the core

I also got the new limited Glad News lucky pack these days, it was really cheap compared to the usual 10.000 yen ones so I didn't know how many things I would get, I was luckily surprised 'cause I got two long sleeved shirts and the famous fur hat/scarf! Unfortunetely I'll sell the hat 'cause I already know I'll not wear it often, but it's truly amazing and soft!

I also ordered the Alisa Ueno photobook! I love her so much, also if we have totally different styles, but I started to really like this kind of "pastel grunge" so I'm sure I'll buy something from Fig&Viper when I'll have the chance!

Thursday I went out with my lovely friend Sarah after a long time, we bought some mangas, drank a hot tea and then we went to a japanese restaurant and ate too much ahah! I couldn't resist to wear one of my new purchases also if the outfit is really simple (unfortunetely at my parents house I haven't so many things now XD).

Sweater Glad News - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Ebay - Leggings Terranova

Next time I want this big boat all for me >:D (it was only the first plate we ate and everything was delicious as the previous time, definitely my favorite restaurant in this moment!)

If you don't know already I organized a giveaway in collaboration with LoveShoppingHolics! It's really easy to join it, you can read everything HERE ! The prizes are 1 pair of circle lens of your choice and 1 cute animal lens case! Don't miss this lovely chance *_*

mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014


Just a simple outfit I wore the past saturday to meet my friends, I really enjoy wearing Ghost of Harlem and white clothes in this period, now I want a white pair of platform shoes ahah! I finally did my exam so I'm on holiday in March, I'm so happy I can sleep a lot now ahahah but I'm currently working on my thesis and I'm really excited about it!


Hat taobao - Choker, dress Ghost of Harlem - Cardigan Glavil - Necklace Monomania - Tights Glad News - Shoes Cute to the core

I also got the lovely opportunity to organize a sponsored giveaway, I can't wait to tell you more about it!

sabato 15 febbraio 2014

Red Valentine

Hi dears! How did you spend your valentine day? I hope you all had a great day with your beloved people! I decided with my boyfriend to celebrate it earlier because I don't really like to go out on Friday evening when there are too many people everywhere and the restaurants are full, so we went to a new all you can eat japanese restaurant called Shabu Shabu (and they don't cook the shabu shabu...kinda hilarious XD).

The food was really yummy, I loved almost everything! I'll surely come back to it when I have the chance! Did you miss the food porn pics in my blog? ahah!

Hat h&m - Blouse Calliope - Cardigan Pull&Bear - Skirt Tally Wejil - Shoes Sango

This day I went for a school girl inspired outfit with my new cardigan I found at local sales, you can say it costed only 6 euro? I love when I find cool thing for super cheap prices, it's also really cozy and warm, perfect for winter.

mercoledì 12 febbraio 2014

Tons of coords

Resume post with the last outfits I wore in the past days/weeks! I'm sorry I hadn't enough time to show them before, but I'm really busy with my studies, I can't wait to have some free time in March!


Headband, shoes, choker, tights Taobao -  Dress Jouetie - Cardigan Calliope

This outfit is quite old, I have nothing special to say I only dressed up cute and did some little grocery shopping with my boyfriend. Sometimes is nice to dress up without any plan!

Headband Lockshop - Sweater Terranova - Skirt, choker Ghost of Harlem - Tights, shoes Ebay

Simple outfit to meet my friends two weekends ago! I got a parcel with tons of new clothes from Japan so I couldn't wait to wear this new lovely skirt! The tulle part is a detachable underskirt I also wore in this outfit, it's great you can use it with almost everything!

Horns Kreepsville - Necklace Ebay - Cardigan Ghost of Harlem - Dress Glad News - Tights Taobao - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Another new dress, this time from Glad News! It's a double layer dress, the leopard one is sheer and under it there is a black one, you can wear them separately to have a lot of different combinations! I love japanese clothes for their multiuse options ahah!

 Headband Spinns - Choker, dress Ghost of Harlem - Tights store in Harajuku - Shoes Cute to the core

My outfit from Saturday, the shoes are a new arrival in my closet (ok I bought a bit too much during the sales lol), the dress is new too but I got it like a month ago. I really enjoy Ghost of Harlem in this period, I wish I have enough money to buy some clothes from their new collection.
 I have another outfit from yesterday but I think this post is kinda long and heavy enough so I'll post it later (if you already follow me on facebook or instagram you surely saw it ahah!).

sabato 8 febbraio 2014

Frankufurt travel

This post will be kinda boring for lots of you (tons of pictures of the city and arts and nothing about fashion lol), but I decided to share it anyway if you want to see a little slice of the beautiful Frankufurt! For me the travel was like hell, the morning I had the flight I wake up with hight fever and various intestinal problems, for one moment I thought I could not leave but then I took tons of medicine for all day and it went well XD.

We choose the Continental hotel, really close to the station and the center. I really liked the hotel for the position, and it was also really clean and the staff kind! I ordered a matrimonial room but I don't know why I got a triple room XD it was really big so I didn't mind about it. I highly recommend this hotel if you want to see this beautiful city without spending too much!

We arrived in the afternoon and after a little relax in the hotel we went around the city, Frankufurt is amazing! So many lovely palaces, in Italy we haven't such beautiful houses! There are also a lot of cute shops but we hadn't enough time to do a proper shopping (I only bought two little things at Primark). I can say the only bad thing is the people, so many rude ones XD.

One of the best thing is the food portions were so huge in every place we ate! It was also really yummy, really bad I cannot eat a lot of things for my lactose intolerance T_T

On saturday there was the gyaru meet so you can find everything about it in my previous post, in the morning we visited Goethe's house, it was totally amazing! I really like art and everytime I go to another country (but also a different italian city) I always visit at least one museaum! There was a lot of paintings inside the museaum, but also the real house was wonderful! I wish I can have a house like this ahahah

The last day we visited the old town center, I loved the palace! I also visited the cathedral in the afternoon, but I spare you tons of other pics 'cause this post is quite heavy ahah. I have a lot of lovely memories from the travel, I can't wait to make another one with my friends and visit Germany again!

mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

International gyaru meet

I was really lucky to attend the international gyaru meet this year, thank you so much Kitai for organizing it! I did tons of pictures of Frankufurt (it was my first time in Germany *v*) but I decided to split the post in two parts, this one will only be about the meet, feel free to take the pics if you like them! We visited the Goethe's house in the morning then we came back to the hotel to dress up and do our make up, unofortunetely the weather was rainy so the lights aren't the best.

Beanie River Island - Dress Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Glavil - Leggings Calzedonia - Boots Glad News

I wore my new dress from Ghost of Harlem I got few days before the travel, I loved it! It's really cozy but also detailed and cute, I'm kinda obsessed with denim in this moment, I also bought another dress with it but for spring.

With my fabulous girls!

We also had the chance to meet some italian gyarus! We lived far away so we didn't meet before, it's kinda hilarious to meet other gals from our country in an international meet ahah.

We went to a mall to take some pictures and did some shopping (we were so many *_*), but the security throwed us out....because "you can't take pics inside the mall". I didn't know germans were so rude (a lot more than italians, lol), and it wasn't the only episode like this, almost every german we met was kinda rude with us, also in restaurants :°D. 

Stupid pics are always the best, lol

Sadly a lot of pics outside the mall were blurry T_T, but I was really happy to meet so many amazing girls I followed for so long!

I also had the chance to meet the dear Ina (thanks Sui for this pic!), I have been in love with her and her amazing style since long, I hope I can meet her again asap, I was soooo happy *v* love you!

With the beautiful Jojo, she is like a real doll *_* ! I was really happy to meet you!

Then we went to a karaoke ( I made some videos, lol XD), it was really funny! There was also the club after that, but me and my boyfriend were too tired to join. It was a fantastic experience, I really hope I can attend the event next year too!