lunedì 31 marzo 2014

Outfit recap

A little resume with the last outfits I wore the past days/weeks, I feel a bit unispired in this period, I don't know why XD I feel like my outfits are always the same, I bought some new things that are a bit different from my usual purchases I can't wait to get them in my hands!

Headband Lockshop - Hoodie Glad News - Skirt, necklace Glavil - Tights Ebay - Shoes YRU

I wore this outfit the past saturday to meet my friends (and a lot of new ones!) for a normal day out in Pescara. It was boring for my taste but I hadn't any good idea XD I put more effort in my make up and I really like the final result, violet is one of my favorite colors, I should wear it more oftern!

 Hat h&m - Top Tally Wejil - Skirt Calliope - Tights, choker Taobao - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

I had to do a review (maybe you can recognize the make up and the wig) so I decided to dress up a bit, especially 'cause the weather was really warm, I didn't expect it on March! Finally I matched my new top and skirt, I think they are perfect together! I also liked my make up a lot, maybe it's the best choice on my face without looking too natural or too heavy!

Headband Tally Wejil - Dress h&m - Cardigan Terranova - Harness, tights, shoes taobao

Cat themed outfit for a normal day! I bought this cute headband during the sales for only 2,50 euro, I couldn't resist :P

Horns Super Lovers - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Glavil - T-shirt Iuter - Jacket Maison Gilfy - Tights harajuku store - Shoes Cute to the core - Bag Glad News

Cozy outfit from saturday, I got some new things like this t-shirt and I couldn't wait to wear it! It's really well made and the print is amazing!  I went out with friends for some shopping and then I had dinner to a friend's home, nothing really special but I came back home tired as hell ahah!

Hat h&m - Blouse Ghost of Harlem - Skirt, boots Glad News - Tights taobao

Yesterda's outfit with some new purchases! I'm in love with the GN skirt also if it's a bit small for me but I'm on diet in this period so I hope to lose all the extra kgs I got during winter. I went out with my friends for a little shopping tour and then they stayed at my place for dinner and the evening talking about weird and funny stuff ahah.

martedì 25 marzo 2014

6° Harajuku Fashion Walk Pescara

Our usual Fashion walk took place some days ago, with the coming of spring we decided to change our usual program a bit and did a pic nic before the walk! We had bad luck 'cause the previous day the weather was so warm, but the day of the event there was a strong wind and it was REALLY difficult to eat and do cute picture! Our photographer didn't come to the event so I made myself all the pic XD so don't be surprised if they are not so professional and cool ahah!

 Everyone prepared something to share with the others who joined the event! I almost spent the whole day before cooking but I was really happy the cake I made was really yummy and everyone loved it!

 I wore a lolita coord after loooong time but it's always a pleasure to feel like a princess ahah! Can you beleive this lovely dress is from Angelic Pretty? It's really old and totally different from the Ap style we know, I will be really happy if they decided to produce something so elegant again Y_Y.

Dress Angelic Pretty - Blouse, shoes Taobao - Tights, roses offbrand

After the walk some people went back home but mostly we went around the town and drunk something! 

Because I did most of the pictures of the event I haven't so many pics with my friends, but I really like this shoot with my lovely Claire, both in dark colored lolita outfits! When I come back home I was totally destroyed XD but I hope we can organize a new event soon! If you want to see all the pictures you can check this link, the official page of our group!

sabato 22 marzo 2014

Review: Neo Celeb Eyes violet

It has been some time since the last circle lens post I did, so today I'm really happy to show you a new pair the lovely shop Circle lens Diary kindly sponsored me for a review! I was searching for a long time a great pair of violet circle lens that cover well my brown eyes without looking too fake so I decided to try for the first time a pair from Neo Vision/Cosmo (anyone tried this brand before? let me know what do you think!), the Neo Celeb Eyes Violet.

Everything was really well packed!

Manufacturer: NEO Vision/NEO Cosmo (Made in Korea)
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 45%
Duration: 1 year disposal Package: 2 glass vials of lenses + 1 contact lens case.

The lenses have a great purple color, vivid but at the same time natural enough, so you can use them daily and not only for cosplay or something like that. They cover my brown eyes well, even if my natural color is still a bit visible, the dark black outline gives a lovely dolly look to your eyes. They are really comfy on my sensitive eyes, they started to be a bit dry only after some hours but with a good eyes solution it's not a problem! I definitely love these lenses and the brand Neo Vision, I hope I'll have the chance to try some of their other models!

Color 5/5: the color is really cute and good on dark eyes!
Design 4/5: lovely design, I like the black outline.
Enlargement 4/5: they have a small diameter but they give a nice natural enlargement.
Comfort 4/5: really comfy!

- vibrant color
- comfortable lenses
- available with prescription

- not suitable for who is searching for a big enlargement effect

Circle lens Diary has a lot of amazing and genuine circle lenses from Geo and Neo vision/Neo Cosmo, check their Facebook page to see more pics!

lunedì 17 marzo 2014

Spring haul post

I know, I know, I bought a lot of things during the past months XD but I can say most of the things were on sale and there were a lot of presents by my boyfriend, you already saw most of them but there are also few things I didn't show in my outfits so let's start!

Two cute skirts I bought in local malls some weeks ago, the left one is from Jennyfer and I love how it suits me, the right one is from Bershka, I really needed a white skirt for spring and summer outfits so I was really happy to find this for a cheap price! They were both cheap even if they are from the new collections yay!

In January I bought a lot of things from Japan (thanks sales!), this lovely skirt is from Ghost of Harlem's new collection, it was a lovely Valentine present from my boyfriend! The best thing is the tulle part is detachable so you can wear it with a lot of other dresses and skirts!

Two nice dresses both from Ghost of Harlem, I bought them on sales at 50% so they were really cheap! I really like this model with the lace part on the hips, it suits really well my bad hourglass body XD.

The first dress is from Ghost of Harlem (again) and I loved it since the first time I saw the campaign with Sakurina the past year, I got it for 50% on sales, I hadn't the opportuniy to wear it 'cause spring has just arrived in Italy, but I think I'll wear it a lot during summer! The leopard dress is from Glad News, also taken during the sales for a super cheap price, the leopard part is sheer but it has a total black second dress to wear under it!

The red cardigan is from Pull&bear and I paid it only 6 euro, amazing don't you think? It's perfect for winter time 'cause is really warm and cozy! The second fur cardigan is from Terranova, it's really soft and lovely, another great discounted purchase!

The first sweater is from Bershka and it has a lot of glitter over it, unfortunetely you can't see it in the pic, the second one is from the new hm collection and it was a lovely present from my boyfriend, sharks are so cute!

Three blouses from Calliope, the white one and the skull one were a presents from boyfriend (again, lol, poor guy XD), I'm addicted to blouses in this period so I was really happy to find cool ones in local stores for cheap!

The first pair is from Cute to the core (also know as a second line from YRU), I found them for a super cheap price on ebay so I couldn't resist, they are so comfy and cool I want them also in white now! The second pair are from an italian brand called Primadonna, but it's a model you can easily find also on ebay for cheap.

This pink biker jacket is maybe the best purchase at local sales ** I loved it since the first time I saw it in the Stradivarious store, the original price was 70 euro a bit too much for my taste so I decided to wait and luckily I took it during the sales for 30 euro *_*!

Last purchase is this lovely denim bralette with spikes from Tally Wejil, I can't wait for the summer only to wear this ahah (even if I really hate summer, lol). I also got some new accessories but I forgot to take a pic XD.

mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Review: grey x green wig from Sololita


I had the lovely opportunity to review another great wig from the shop Sololita! If you you missed my previous reviews I made for them you can find theme here: 1, 2 , 3! I'm totally in love with their wigs 'cause they always have great quality and special styles, so I was really happy to took another one! This time I chose THIS I was attracted by the unusual color combination!

I got the wig with EMS shipping as usual, you'll be sure to get your items safely and fast!

As you can see in my picture the color is really unique, you would espect to get a normal grey wig but there are a lot of pinkish hair mixed with the grey ones, the final effect is amazing! I also really love the green part, is really well blended with the other hair and you'll have it on your fringe too if you cut it (like I did!). As all the wigs I got from Sololita the quality is amazing, really soft and natural looking, I also combed it on the curly part and it didn't lose the form!

Headband Spinns - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Reliquia Arcana - Dress, boots Glad News - Vest Pull&bear - Tights Taobao

I think this wig is great with a lot of different styles, I really like to coordinate it with rokku outfits, it gives a special touch to the final coordinate! I'm in love with it and I higly recommend this one (and all the wigs and the items I tried) from Sololita, the quality is always really good and the shipping really fast! And now you can even have free worldwide shipping!

sabato 8 marzo 2014

Review: Holy Murasaki items

Today I'm really happy to show you a new shop called Holy Murasaki! I had the lovely opportunity to get some items from their selection to review, I was really happy 'cause I'm love with everything, the shop style is perfect for my taste! I higly recommend to check all the items in the store, if you like pastel goth or pastel colors in general I'm sure you'll love them! As you can see in my previous picture everything is really well packed in a a plastic envelope with lovely purple paper with the store logo, I got everything in a few days and without problems!

The quality is amazing, can you see they are all handmade pieces? The pastel spiked bracelet is my favorite item, the color is just amazing, so delicate and pastel, I couldn't find something like this anywhere! I'm also really in love with gold accessories in this period so I was so happy to see you can choose the color of the spikes (silver or gold), seriously I never found any store with this option before! One of the best things is I finally have a bracelet with the right diameter for my wrist, every bracelet is always too large for me but this is just perfect, I have no other words to describe it! The leather is really soft, you can feel the item has a great quality!

The shell ring is such a lovely piece you can wear with a lot of different styles! The color is a soft pink with a lot of little glitters that give a lovely effect especially with the sun! You can even choose the color of the base (gold or silver). I'm sure I'll wear it a lot in spring *_*.

Ribbons Kreepsville - T-shirt Ghost of Harlem - Jacket Candy stripper - Skirt TallyWejil - Tights taobao - Boots Dr Martens - Necklace Cute can Kill - Ring, bracelet Holy Murasaki

Of course some picture of my outfit! The good weather made me want to dress up more pastel, I really need to buy more clothes for spring with pastel colors, my closet is full of black, red, white and grey...kinda boring XD.

And lastly the sugar crosses necklace is a must have to everyone who dresses up pastel goth! The crosses are tiny and delicate, perfect to match with a blouse without looking too heavy! You can choose between different colors (purple, white and hot pink), but for me white is always the best option ahah!

Headband Lockshop - Necklace Holy Murasaki - Blouse Calliope - Skirt Listen Flavor - Tights Ebay - Boots Glad News

I'm in love with everything and I recommend this shop to you all! Everything has such a great quality and the service is amazing, let me know if you like some items, I'm really curious!