lunedì 26 maggio 2014

Shoes Collection

This post will be part of a new series of "collection post" I decided to start in my blog, how can't I begin from a question I get all the time? Shoes are always an obsession for all the girls, I have an addiction too so I'll share my collection here! It took me quite a long time, mostly because I have a lot of shoes at my parents house so it wasn't possible for me to take all the pics together, but I decided to take with me this cloth to use like background, I thought it wouldn't be really nice to make a collection post with two different floors XD.

These two pairs are my daily shoes, I use them most of the times I do grociery shopping or university related things. You always see me with high platform shoes but I mostly wear kinda lower shoes like everyone ahah. The enginner boots are offbrand, the second pair is from the italian brand Primadonna (they remind a lot the Jeffrey Campell coltraine, I wish I add enough money to buy them one day!), they have both gold details.

Creepers are one of my favorite shoes model of all the time, I had a white pair but I sold them the past year 'cause they were too large for me. If it will be possible I'll buy them in a lot of other colors! The red pair is from Sango (a japanese brand inside the mall Sunshine City in Ikebukuro) and the black pair from Ebay.

I'm addicted to high platform shoes and these two pairs are so comfy and amazing I would like to wear them all the time. The white pair is from YRU, the second one from Cute to the core (if I understood well, it is a second line of the YRU brand). I highly recommend them, their prices are quite cheap compared to the well know Buffalo ones!

This shoes are my favorite in all my collection, they're the most liked and the most asked in all my profiles/accounts. They are the winged boots from Glad News, I think they were released about two years ago, it was really hard to find them but I was so lucky I got them on mbok auctions for less than the original price!

Another part of my collection, Jeffrey Campbell shoes! All the shoes are really comfy to walk in and so cool I can coordinate them with most of my outfits. I think my collection will grow soon 'cause I would like to get a pair of sandals too (if you have already got them let me know if they're comfy enough to wear with the hot summer weather!) From left they are: 8th street patent boots, Lita spikes, Lita coco.

This is another pair of boots I get questioned all the time, my pastel Dr Martens in lilac! I don't remember when they were released the first time...maybe 4 years ago? They are really cool and cozy, I used them but they still look like brand new! I had a pair of simple black Dr Martens in past, but I decided to throw them 'cause they were really ruined after 10 years of walking.

Bodyline hot pink boots (actually on sale for 20 euro + shipping XD) and my old engineer boots (offbrand), they are a bit worn out but I still use them in rainy days or in the snowy ones.

Antaina boots I bought several years ago for my lolita winter outfits and another pair of old engineer boots I use for bad weather days (they're from Bodyline).

I'm not a sneakers type, I have them only in case I decide to go to gym (maybe never), they were both really cheap, the leopard pair is offbrand and the second one is from a little shoes shop inside the Studio Alta in Japan.

Old boots pair from Pinkie I used for my lolita outfits and my really old rocking horse shoes from Montreal, I used them a lot but they're still in good condition!

My poor pair of sandals, they are really worn out because I wear them all time for three months a year XD it's not really easy for me to find a pair of sandals, I don't like most of the ones in stores :(. They're both from two italian brands.

Vivienne Westwood x Melissa are my favorite elegant shoes! As you can see I really like their three straps model (it's so comfy and good looking), the white pair is too big for me so if you would like to buy them just let me know!

Melissa shoes, the first pair is a cute and classic black pumps in velvet, the second pair is a special model (the heel is really strange) but I wore them only twice 'cause I haven't so many blue clothes :( so if you want them I'll sell the pair for a really cheap price!

Candy stripper replica shoes from Taobao are really cute, I'm sad I didn't find the original one anywhere! The second pair is another purchase from Taobao, they're really cozy and casual!

And lastly my little tea party collection, the last pair is dark brown, a bit difficult to see in my pic. They're all from Antaina! I forgot to make a pic of these shoes I usually use for lolita outfit, they're from a random shop on taobao!

This is all for my shoes collection, of course let me know if you want  to see more posts like this!

martedì 20 maggio 2014

Photobook: Ayumi Seto

Finally I can share with you some random pics of the Ayumi photobook I bought some time ago! I know there is a lot of people interested in this kind of post so if you want other posts like this about other models let me know, I have the books of Alisa Ueno, Kozue Akimoto and Amo! Obviously I didn't take pics of all the pages (they are over 100!) but only the ones I like the most, of course if you have the chance buy the photobook, you can find it on at the cheap cost of 1000 yen, I bought mine with a shopping service.

It has a plastic dust jacket over the real book, they are 112 pages full of pics! The book is composed in three big sections: fashion, beauty and private. In the fashion part there are tons of outfit pics divided by style (like casual, rock, preppy, etc), street snaps you can find also on Ayumi wear account and some pages dedicated to her favorite items.

The beauty part is filled with hair and make up tutorials, her favorite make up items, hair colors and nail arts!

The private part has a lot of interviews, messages from fans, instagram pics, favorite tv shows, films, music and a curious part about her chilhood. There is also ( I totally expected it) a part about her favorite hamburgers XD.

Obviously there is a part about Aymmy clothes and the promotional pics you can see in the website, I really like this campaign!

This is all for this photobook! Do you like it? Of course let me know if you want to see more posts like this. I'm really tempted to buy also the Amyaya photobook!

mercoledì 14 maggio 2014

Spring coords

Another little recap with some new outfits I didn't share before! I'm sorry my blog has so many outfit posts recently, of course if you have some idea for my future posst (like make up collection, tutorial, photobook scans etc) I'll be happy to please you!

Headband,choker Taobao - Sweater Fig&Viper - Skirt Terranova - Boots Dr Martens

I wore this outfit for a little Ikebana event, it was really interesting and cute! I wish I had enough time to try this amazing art. The weather was really bad but I decided to dress up in pastel colors anyway, I'm in love with my Fig&Viper sweater even if I don't really like how it suits me, I wish it was longer so I could wear it without a skirt.

Cardigan, choker Ghost of Harlem - Necklace Glavil - Headband Spinns - Dress Fernopaa - Tights Tally Wejil - Shoes Cute to the core

Total black outfit I wore for a saturday meet with my friends, I miss wearing this lovely dress I bought during my travel in Japan, it's really short but with a pair of shorts I can wear it without problems!

Roses offbrand - Choker Handmade by me - Dress Jouetie - Socks Ebay - Shoes Montreal

Simple outfit I wore for some shopping with my boyfriend, I also took the chance to take some pics for my previous lenses review! My dog photobombed almost all my pics XD I'm sorry about it!

Headband Spinns - Dress, boots Glad News - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Tights taobao - Bag Algonquins

Outfit from the past saturday for the usual meet with my friends. The weather is summer-like in Italy right now, I'm disappointed 'cause WHERE'S THE SPRING??? I want to wear cute cardigans and light tights....but now I'm totally going to melt if I wear something heavier than a t-shirt ;_;.

domenica 11 maggio 2014

Review: G&G Kira kira brown

As I wrote in the post before, I got another great pair of circle lens from LoveShoppingHolics! They sent me the G&G kira kira brown, another brand and series I didn't try before so I was really happy and curious to wear them! The pair is really natural and totally different from the pair I reviewed a few days ago, so if you like natural circle lenses I'm sure you'll like them!

Origin: Korea
Diameter : 14.0mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 year disposal


The lenses have a really natural diameter so they're perfect for everyday use, the design is simple but has the special touch of looking kinda sparkly on the external part (like the name says!). I think they're perfect on brown eyes 'cause they blend perfectly with my natural eye color, I had a problem with one lens, I don't know if I had something in my eyes or if it was the lens itself but the other was really comfy and I hadn't problems after hours wearing it! I definitely recommend them if you are searching for a natural pair of brown lenses!

Color 4/5: natural color, perfect for daily use!
Design 4/5: cute design
Enlargement 3/5: they have a little diameter so if you are searching for something more dramatic they are not the best choice for you.
Comfort 5/5: super comfortable.

They also sent me this pair of sunglasses, they aren't my style and don't suit me at all but they're really cute with this little cat over the lens!

Don't forget to like also their Facebook page! There is a great promotion for the mother's day in this moment, buy two pair of lenses and get a random one for free!

giovedì 8 maggio 2014

Review: Vassen Butterfly brown

I recently got a new parcel with two pair of circle lenses and sunglasses kindly sponsored by LoveShoppingHolics, they offered me to try the new Vassen series Butterfly , I was really happy 'cause it was the first time I tried Vassen lenses! I chose the brown ones 'cause I thought they would suit better my own color, but the choice was really hard 'cause the lenses are all really lovely and special! I didn't except to get another pair of lenses, I'm really thankful for the lovely surprise! You'll see the other lenses soon in another review post :)!

Everything was packed really well, and I got the lenses in a lovely gift box as usual, the cute animal lenses case and the letter with some advice on how to wear and take care of your circle lenses!

Origin: KoreaDiameter : 14.5mm
Water Content : 42%
ase Curve : 8.6mmLife Span : 1 year disposal

The lenses have a really bright color that covers well my natural brown eyes, maybe you can see the little butterflies in the lenses, they're so cute and special! The final effect is a bit too fake but I really like my eyes looking so honey colored! They also give a big enlargement effect as you can see in my pic, the best thing is they're so comfortable, absolutely one of the most cozy pair I have in my collection! I definitely recommend them if you look big lenses with special design and I hope to try another pair from this lovely and unique series!

Color 5/5: super bright color!
Design 4/5: really special and unique design.
Enlargement 5/5: they're 14,5 diameter but they look bigger!
Comfort 5/5: super comfortable.

Do you like them or did you already own a pair of these lenses? Don't forget to follow LoveShoppingHolics on Facebook to see always new pics and promotions!
 Stay tuned for the next review!