sabato 31 dicembre 2016

Cat lover

Wig Donalove hair - Hat h&m - Blouse Romwe - Skirt Romwe - Tights Uniqso - Belt Dresslink -  Boots Tuk

Hi guys and even if it's New Year's Eve I would like to wish you all an amazing New Year :D I will be out all day tomorrow so I won't be able to share a new blog post with my wishes for all of you, I wish all the best to you for the incoming new year! The outfit today is my classic inspired school girl look with a plaid skirt, white blouse, long cardigan and platform boots...but let's talk about how cute the blouse is! You know I'm a cat lover, I already had in my closet a blouse with a cat collar but the color wasn't perfect for my taste, this one is absolutely amazing and I can finally pair it with almost everything! I'm sorry I'm always too excited talking about cat related things ahah.

giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

Black and pink

Hat h&m - Wig TrendywigsChoker Romwe - Necklace Weirdbrain creation - Dress DressyStar - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Something a bit different from my usual today, but I love long dresses even if I'm a short girl ahah this one is from DressyStar, the quality is really good and I love how comfy it is, I wore it with the ribbon on the back and it looks like an inspired yukata dress this way! Do you like long dresses? Let me know! I wanted also to share my thoughts about this pink wig you saw a lot recently in my looks, the quality is amazing, the fiber is super soft and natural (it looks like real hair!) and it's really easy to comb, it became one of my favorite wigs in all my collection! I really reccomend it if you're looking for a lace front wig because it's totally gorgeous (the shipping is also super fast!). I've been thinking to do a wig collection video for so long but I haven't enough time to film it sigh, I hope to do it after the big exam I'm currently studying for.

martedì 27 dicembre 2016

Cheap outfit ideas: Elegant looks

Hi guys! Time for another cheap outfit ideas post :D this time I shared some of my favorite ideas to create different elegant looks, I hope they'll be an inspiration for your incoming outfits for the last day of the Year!

"Fight the cold" look

There aren't many elegant looks apt for a really cold weather (or at least I always saw girls wearing only light dresses even with -10°), but this one is perfect, especially if you're not into really girly looks because it's warm, cozy but also feminine at the same time! The dress is really cute with the lovely choker detail (which save you time to choose another necklace) and the burgundy shade is absolutely one of my favorite ones. I paired the dress with simple over the knee boots with low heels, a turban hat and my always favorite fur jacket I already have in my closet, I wore it almost every day and it saves me from the cold!

Gothic look

This option is more gothic :D with the soft asymmetric dress with the cut out on the shoulders, the lovely skull clutch with tiny rivets, high platform boots (who said this kind of boots aren't elegant? I think they can totally work with the proper look!) and a classic black coat almost every goth girl has in the closet!

Satin look

The last outfit is my favorite, even if it can look a bit " aggressive" I would totally wear it for a party for the last day of the year, the satin dress is gorgeous especially with the matching choker, the boots are also to die for with the amazing detail on the back (and they look also really comfy!), to tone down a bit the look I added my favorite fedora hat and a biker jacket to make it more "casual" even if it's still elegant!

I hope you liked these simple ideas and let me know what kind of outfit you'll wear for the last party of the year :D!

domenica 25 dicembre 2016

From the outer world

Hat h&m - Wig TrendyWigs - Jacket Zara - Top Spreepicky - Bag Dresslily - Skirt Romwe - Tights Virivee - Boots Tuk

Merry Christmas guys! I hope you're having a great time with your dear ones eating a lot of delicious food :D I'm currently back home from the second family party and I'm dying 'cause I ate too much ahah! This outfit is super simple and perfect for every occasion, I think the double fake leather (jacket and skirt) isn't something "too much", at least for me ahah, I also wore some new items I recently got, like this cute tiny bag with the little fur pon pon, my new Tuk shoes I got for Christmas from my boyfriend and the heart cut-out top which I wear a lot! Let me know what do you think of this look and if you received cool presents, I'm always really curious to see other people's gifts ahah!

venerdì 23 dicembre 2016

Reviews: L-email cosplay wigs

Hi guys! New review for you, this time about two gorgeous wigs I got recently in the mail, I'm so glad I can share with you a shop which sells amazing quality wigs for super cheap prices, it's L-Email wigs! I'm pretty sure my cosplayers readers already knew this shop :D

The first wig I choose was this one for Emilia from Re:Zero and this is how the wig looks like in the shop!

 As you can see the wig is the same I got ;) it's super long but it's super easy to comb at the same time which is amazing, it's the first time I have a super long wig so soft and with the perfect amount of hair, it's super light too :D! You ll'also receive the tiny flower headband and the braid (already done over a headband!) so you have the wig almost styled with all the accessories and only for 14$, amazing! I also provided a back pic so you can see the wig in all his lenght! You can find the wig here.

The second wig is a classic silver grey straight one, it's apt for a lot of cosplays but also for j-fashions and gothic coords!

This is how the wig is in real life and as you can see it's the same from the website :D. The wig is super soft and the lenght is perfect for daily looks, it's super easy to comb and style, I left the fringe in its natural lenght so you can see it and decide which style is better for you! The color is super natural and the wig is super light to wear! You can find it here and the price is only 12$!

I really recommend both wigs 'cause the quality is great and the prices incredibly cheap! I got the parcel in a few days with the courier so it's a nice option if you're looking for a wig and you are in hurry for a convention :D let me know if you like them or if you already have some wigs from L-Email wigs!

mercoledì 21 dicembre 2016


Hat h&m - Wig Uniwigs - Top Dresslink - Necklace Weirdbrain creation - Skirt Dresslily - Tights Virivee - Bag Wego - Shoes Windsor Smith

Another simple outfit with a new plaid skirt today, I love wearing tartan items during autumn/winter and this one is perfect for the season, even if I accidentally broke the zip during the shooting ahah! I also wore another cool pair of tights from Virivee, this time it's quite simple but I really like them for a daily look. This look would be really cool completed with a biker jacket or an oversize denim one which I didn't wear 'cause I wanted to show the top with the cut out on the shoulders! I'm sorry I didn't have enough time to do some proper Christmas post, I hope you'll forgive me! Christmas is almost here and I'm so excited to give all the presents I bought to everyone.

lunedì 19 dicembre 2016

Gothic outfit ideas

Hi guys! I'm back with my usual collage post but this time I wanted to do something a bit different from the usual cheap ones, so I chose some of my favorite items from the shop PunkRave! Maybe a lot of you already know this store, it has a large selection of gothic dresses of all prices and perfect both for events or daily gothic looks!

Daily looks

1 - 2 - 3
My favorite ones are gothic items perfect for daily looks! I love how you can dress up with darker styles even during the daily life with comfy and pratical items like these (and with the right accessories they can be used also for events for me!). Long dresses are really cool but cozy at the same time and perfect for winter, soft fabrics and nice shapes are great for daily clothes :D. It's really hard to decide which is m favorite item because I really like both the long dress and the asymmetric one! You can see here more gothic clothes.

Event looks

1 - 2 - 3
A bunch of my favorite events/night dresses! I don't have many occasions to wear something like these where I live 'cause there aren't cool places to go or a dark/goth scene, but I think they're all great! The second one can be a bit difficult to wear but the first and the third can be easily coordinated for a live, they look comfy, not only gorgeous! My favorite one is the first option 'cause I really like the lace details and the tiny spikes on the shoulders, aren't they cute? You can see a lot more gothic dresses!


1 - 2 - 3
How can I miss a coats/jackets selection with this super cold weather? There are so many glorious coats on the website, I choose some of my favorite but it was really hard to choose! You can find perfect jackets for gothic lolita, steampunk and inspired medieval looks too! The prices are also really affordable compared to the ones I see for coats in local stores :D! My favorite is the first one 'cause I love the pointed hood (and I know, I can't resist to put in my selection also a fake fur one ahah). There are also some cool ones for men *_* so don't forget to check also the selection of gothic jackets !

There are so many other cool items you can find on PunkRave, leggings, skirts, blouses and many things perfect not only for the classic gothic fashion but for other darker styles like pastel goth or some j-fashions like h.Naoto or goshikku gyaru! Let me know what do you think about this shop and the items, I'm really curious to read your opionions and if you already bought from it!

sabato 17 dicembre 2016


Hat Romwe - Top Intimissimi - Accessories HellaHolics - Camisole Romwe - Skirt Evris - Tights Virivee - Boots Quanticlo

Hi guys! As someone already knows I hadn't the best week, but I really hope to spend a nice weekend with my friends and family. Today's look is perfect for holidays with the midi skirt, the lace top and this beautiful velvet camisole I got recently, I'm the only one who noticed so many velvet items in stores for the season? Even if there are so many ones they're mostly in strange colors (like emerald? why??) or they look too cheap, this one is absolutely amazing, super comfy and incredibly cheap! I also wore another pair of gorgeous mermaid tights from Virivee, they are light for the season but with another pair under it I could wear them even with 0° :D! Let me know if you like the look and if you like velvet items!