mercoledì 29 giugno 2016


Hat Romwe - Top SheIn - Skirt Evris - Bag Michael Kors - Sandals Quanticlo - Necklace Vivienne Westwood

It's always a challenge trying new colors instead of my usual total black or blackxwhite coords, this time I gave a chance to the nude color: this top (which is actually a crop top even if it's not really visible) is a really cute model I saw almost everywhere on Instagram, I wanted it in black but it wasn't available so I tried for the first time in my life something nude. I still don't know if I like this color on me or not, it really depends on my mood ahahah but this coord is definetely one of my favorite elegant ones! I'm sure this shade of nude would be amazing over a tanned girl!

lunedì 27 giugno 2016


Hat h&m - Bra (lingerie set) SheIn - Skirt  Romwe - Sandals Quanticlo

I'm totally into crop top + long skirt combination this summer! I recently got a cute sporty lingerie set (you'll get the slip too!) which is perfect for work out, but I really like using it also in my daily outfits to stay comfy and fresh, this summer is hell the heat and humidity is terrible. How do you wear crop tops? I'm really curious to read your ideas! I'm not into denim shorts because every year they become shorter and shorter....I'm so glad I like skirts, they solve all problems in every occasion ahahah! I'll do my best to share a lingerie post soon, I hope you like the idea!

venerdì 24 giugno 2016

Antique flowers

Hat h&m - Dress Romwe - Necklace Rogue+Wolf - Sandals Quanticlo

You can't imagine how I freaking love this dress! You know I'm addicted to long dresses during the summer time and I'm also a big fan of flower prints over black dresses....this one is perfect, super light fabric perfect for the terrible heat, gorgeous details with the cut out on the waist and the tiny buttons in front of it and the amazing print, the colors are so delicate and antique and remind me a vintage dress but with a modern shape! It has been a really long time since I fell in love with a dress ahah it's really hard for me to find something I really like in all the details. Summer sales start soon in my country but I really hope to find some cool discounts online for my favorite brands, I hope to find something 'cause in the last 6-7 months I bought like...2 dresses XD

martedì 21 giugno 2016

Alien top

Hat h&m - Top SheIn - Skirt Romwe - Bag Therafstore - Shoes Yru

For once a really casual and comfy look to go around the city! I prefer more elegant and witchy looks on me lately but sometimes it's fun wearing something different. When I was young I had an obsession for striped items, it feels strange not having something with stripes in my closet after so many years so I had to take this cute top with the alien top on it! The top is available in a lot of different colors so I'm sure it's easy to find the perfect one for you. I'm addicted to matte liquid lipsticks and I got a lot of new good quality and cheap ones, let me know if you're interesting in a makeup post like this one I made a while ago! I'm always really happy to share my opinion on makeup items ahah!

domenica 19 giugno 2016

Modern Witch

Hat h&m - Bra Romwe - Dress/blouse SheIn - Sandals Jeffrey Campbell - Necklace
WeirdBrain Creation

Hi guys and Happy Sunday! Finally I had a free afternoon to take some new outfit pics, summer is already too warm for me and I spent most of my days at home with cold air and studying for my last University exam for July...not interesting at all. I'm always in love with everything sheer, long and black and this dress/blouse is something absolutely beautiful and perfect for summer. I'm also addicted to comfy (but with cute details) bras lately, like this one that looks kinda normal in front but it's really special on the back! I hope to have some time in the next days to do a lingerie post 'cause I recently got a lot of cute underwear!

domenica 12 giugno 2016


Hairband BornPrettyStore - Necklace Poison Tragic - Dress Disturbia - Belt TwinkleDeals - Sandals Quanticlo - Watch Daniel Wellington

Hi guys and happy sunday! I'm back with a new look which is kinda different from my usual, it's my very first time using a hair accessory like this and I like it! I wish the summer wasn't so hot because I think this kind of accessory would be perfect with a more layered outfit, this one is really comfy and fresh with one of my Disturbia dresses I never showed you before, I hope to have the chance to get some new cool dresses from their last collection. I'm also wearing my new sandals from Quanticlo, as I always say I totally love their shoes, super comfy, good quality and cheap prices! I'm currently collaborating with the well famous watch brand Daniel Wellington and I have a discount code for my readers, it's "VANILLA" and you'll get a 15% discount until the end of June, which is a really good discount! 

mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

White summer

Hat Boy London - Dress Unif - Bag Light in the box - Choker Ghost of Harlem - Shoes Yru

Hi guys! I took some few days to relax from my usual activities to recharge my batteries a bit, I did my first big exam and it went super well, now I'm back to study for another big one, summer holidays totally don't exist for university students. With the heat I took back from my closet some of my favorite summer dresses I never showed you on the blog, this one from Unif is the coziest thing in the world, super light material perfect for the hot season! It's rare to see me in white coords but I really like them especially for summer! I recently got this cute backpack with gold studs and I'm really happy with the quality, it's perfect and really good to carry around all the stuff I usually have in my bag!